Working safely is our rule

For us, safety means prevention, training, supervision, technological innovation and collaboration with institutions and authorities. Safety requires responsibility, commitment and professional competence. These are the values that distinguish the TAL Group.

Operating in the most environmentally responsible manner and with a focus on safety is a constant top priority for the company and it uses all the means at its disposal to meet this objective: the most advanced technologies, the best trained personnel and investment in research and in the modernisation of its facilities.

At TAL we are fully committed to increasing safety at work, protecting people and the environment and complying with regulations and rigorous procedures.

Pipelines have always been the most environmentally friendly and sustainable way of transporting crude oil. Suffice it to say that 8,000 road tankers per day would be required to transport the amount of product handled through the pipeline. The environmental impact would be huge.

The pipeline route is almost completely buried for reasons of safety and environmental protection. Furthermore, the infrastructure is designed to have no impact on the landscape it crosses, so that even the management of the forests along the route of the pipeline has remained unaltered.

All facilities are well integrated into the surrounding area. The pipeline crosses the countryside, mountains, tunnels, rivers and lakes, as well as many towns and road infrastructures.

Besides guaranteeing the safety of its own plants, the TAL Group contributes to the protection of the environment not only through its direct work on the pipeline but also through the implementation of such measures for the protection of nearby land and rivers as, for example, the consolidation of riverbanks.


The monitoring of the pipeline is ensured by inspections carried out by highly qualified personnel using state-of-the-art technological tools which can detect any problem and thus prevent any damage. The integrity of the pipeline is subject to monitoring, verification and certification by international technical bodies specifically responsible for this task.
The entire infrastructure is also regularly checked either by helicopters or by inspections carried out by walking along the route.

Over the years, the Transalpine Pipeline has become synonymous with ecological responsibility, also thanks to the training and commitment of its personnel, who are aware of the importance of safety in their daily work. The women and men working for TAL know that this work would not be possible without the correct, continuous and strict observance of procedures and regulations designed to safeguard the environment in which they themselves also live and upon which their future also depends.