Lenting tank farm

Lenting tank farm, located in the municipality of Lenting near Ingolstadt, is used for the temporary storage of crude oil destined for Bavarian refineries and consists of seven tanks with a nominal capacity of 318,000 m3.

The tank farm also contains the control room and the main pumping station for the two branches of the pipeline, TAL-NE and TAL-OR. TAL-NE connects the Lenting depot with the Gunvor refinery in Ingolstadt and the Bayernoil refinery in Neustadt and TAL-OR, to the west, extends to Karlsruhe where it supplies the MIRO refinery in Oberrhein.

In addition to its role of supervising the system, the control room in Lenting, whose operators are directly connected to the control room in San Dorligo della Valle, handles the management of deliveries (i.e. of all the operations required for transferring oil from the TAL facility to the refineries and other connected pipelines) for Germany and the Czech Republic.