Deutsche Transalpine Oelleitung GmbH

Deutsche Transalpine Oelleitung GmbH is the TAL Group company based in Munich which operates the Transalpine Pipeline in Germany, the Lenting tank farm and the pumping stations along the pipeline.

The company was founded in 1965 and the first delivery of crude oil reached the Lenting tank farm near Ingolstadt in 1967.
In 1972 Deutsche Transalpine Oelleitung GmbH merged with Rhein-Donau-Oelleitung GmbH.

In Bavaria the pipeline descends the Inn Valley and then continues to the west of Rosenheim and Wasserburg before heading north to the refineries in Vohburg and Ingolstadt.

The Lenting tank farm in the municipality of Lenting marks the end of the TAL-IG and comprises seven tanks with a total capacity of 318,000 m³. These tanks serve exclusively for the intermediate storage of the oil before it is pumped through the TAL-OR and TAL-NE.

The TAL-OR extends westwards from Ingolstadt, passing Nördlingen, Aalen and Schwäbisch-Gmünd before reaching Karlsruhe. The pipeline feeds the mineral oil refinery in Oberrhein (MiRO) and can operate with a maximum of three pumping stations, each of which has two 1,600kW rotary pumps connected in series. The current annual capacity (with three pumping stations) is 14 million tonnes but this could rise to 17 million tonnes after the activation of two further pumping stations.

The TAL-NE connects the Lenting tank farm with the refinery in Ingolstadt and the Bayernoil refinery in Neustadt. The oil is supplied from the Lenting tank farm by means of booster pumps. The pipeline has an annual throughput capacity of 14 million tonnes.