Marine Terminal

The Marine Terminal, used for crude oil unloading activities, is located in a strategic position within the port area in the Gulf of Trieste (Bay of Muggia lat. 45° 36’ 45’’ N; long. 13° 46’ 36’’ E). The terminal consists of two piers with double berths, which can accommodate up to four vessels simultaneously.

Pier number 1 has a length of 476 meters and is used for oil tankers with a maximum displacement of 144,000 metric tons. Pier number 2 has a length of 490 meters and can receive tankers with a maximum displacement of 280,000 metric tons. Each of the four berths is directly connected to the tank farm (which is located at a distance of about 5 km) via four pipes that transfer the unloaded oil using the tankers’ own pumps. The piers are oriented east-northeast (in the direction of the Bora wind) and the axial distance between them is 250 metres.