• Energy from Trieste to the heart of Europe

  • Energy from Trieste to the heart of Europe

The TAL Group operates the Transalpine Pipeline that transports energy
from the Port of Trieste to the refineries in Central Europe.
It consists of three companies with offices in Italy, Austria and Germany.

The TAL system widely contributes to the energy needs
of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, Austria and the Czech Republic
playing a strategic role in the European economy.

Safety, sustainable development and social responsibility are deep rooted in the TAL Group
that operates with the highest technological standards of excellence
and with the utmost respect for people and the environment.

The Transalpine Pipeline blends into the landscape while running from the Adriatic sea to the heart of Europe:
it stretches across cities, fields, waterways, mountains, farms and sport facilities
carrying out its task without disturbing the surrounding nature.